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The Walkabouts - Every River Will Burn lyrics

Your prediction
Wasn't very hard
Mexico ain't in the cards
Never really was

Smell the diesel
Smell the smoke
Traded water for their dope
Was that some kinda joke

Every river will burn
Every valley will dry
Save it for the afterlife
And every mountain will slide
And the dustlands will cry
Save it for the afterlife

If I said less
It would be a lie
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A sugarcoat so you could try
And finally close your eyes

In the distance
They swarm down the road
Are they friend or foe
Ain't gonna stick around
To know

I have started out
To find a trace of home
Where the water's pure
And fire is no more

Walls of this city red
Will go at any cost
I have started out
To find what we have lost
I have started out

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