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The Walkabouts - Unwind lyrics

You're an open gate
On a barbed wire fence
Swingin' back and forth
You know it scares me half to d**h
Funny how it moved
From a blessin' to a curse
Ain't it funny how we moved
From the cursed, to the doomed

Will you
Will you unwind
This heart of mine?
Heart of mine

Busted but not broke
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Shaken up and stirred
Watch out who you tell
This night is hangin' on each word
But when the mornin' comes
And the lies are cheap
You'll say: "to live is to lose"
I'll say: "losin's the one thing... that we all keep"

Will you... will you unwind?
This heart of mine... heart of mine

Both a blessin' and a curse
In everything we've heard
A blessin' and a curse
This night is hangin' on... each... word

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