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The Walkabouts - Unholy Dreams lyrics

(well) i dreamed i saw the devil's club
Growin' by the burnin' bush
And i dreamed that all your razor teeth
Grabbed tomorrow by the root
And i dreamed the long arm of the law
Was a one-armed acrobat

Yeah i dreamed
Unholy dreams

And i dreamed that all the sacred cows
Had been trampled under hoof
And i dreamed the moon had finally crashed
And lit fire to your roof
And i dreamed that there were sights unseen
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And their visions could be sold

Yeah i dreamed
Unholy dreams

Unholy dreams x2
Last night, i dreamed unholy dreams

And in the mornin' when i woke
And you were gone
(well) i believed unholy dreams
Yeah i believed
Unholy dreams
Yeah i believed

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