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The Walkabouts - Life: The Movie lyrics

Why do you whisper?
It's true, true lovers whisper
Or don't say anything
At all
The greatest story never told
Both of us are feelin' old
Been feelin' everything
And nothin' much
Oh, look beyond....

Past the cities edge
Where the horizon dips
And all the strip mall hookers
Show promotion clips
And Life: The Movie
Portrays us working stiffs
Aaah.... as wastrels on
Watch ourselves again
On some wasted trip
Givin' up on love
Just for the f** of it
Oh life: the movie,
So easy to forget
The angels and aliens, are restless,
Ain't gonna' stay
They're countin' down the days
Till they leave us alone
Can't see them anyway
Electric colors, cut a swath
But leave no trace
Why do we advertise,
That we have lost this race?
If we were proud, we'd hide
But since we've lost
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Watch ourselves again
Let's call the whole thing off

Life: the movie ends
When the villain says
That he will apprehend
But then rides off instead
Let us drown in peace
Life: the movie, showin'
Six and one-half days a week
Life: the movie endin'
When they kick us hard
To make sure we're dead
And not just dreamin'
The truth of our lies
The thrill of our wrongs
Are these the last things on earth,
That still turn us on?
And in a flash
We'll feel the crash
Don't forget to breathe
Don't forget to laugh
Look beyond
Watch ourselves again
Life: The Movie's on
In every single town
Life: The Movie plays
Til we finally beg
Let us bleed all day
The last hurrah
A forecast of our times
I refuse to fall
You'll choose t' just go blind
When Life: The Movie plays
I'll turn away..... I'll put out my eyes

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