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The Walkabouts - Fallen Down Moon lyrics

there's a place between
shadow and light
where your scars will shine
then disappear

there's a love
that will cut'us in two
first we're wild
and then we drink

but there's a comfort in our sadness
wisdom in our wrongs
a music to our madness
silent songs

we lose for our own good
we break the best
when nothin's left

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makin' out with Judas
just to make your bail
we do sh** like that
jus' before we crack

but there's splendor in the cracks
and gold in the darkest blue
I dreamed you're comin' back
I dreamed I'd wait for you
but I'm gettin' tired of dreamin'

Fallen Down Moon
if everything goes wrong
so what
Fallen Down Moon ...

we built a lot of things you know
and still they glow

We lose for our own good....we break the best when nothin's left

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