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The Walkabouts - Have You Ever Seen The Morning? lyrics

I tried to catch the bus
Out towards your place
But the bus never came
So I started walkin'
Past Mission Mall
No one walks, out past there, anymore
And when I got back home
There was no note
Cigarette, still burnin' on the stoop
Turned into the wind
Pulled up my hood
Got on the bus, as the doors shut for good

Have you ever seen the mornin?
Well it's quite naked
And stoned
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Have you ever seen the mornin?
Twirl it's hands
And fall into the light

We shoulda called the cops
Just to scare him
But now who really cares?
Still, he shook, our last dime
I ain't grandstandin'
My pockets echo in the night
Remember that trip, out west?
To your sisters. We got high and
Watched the stars
We laid out, in her backyard
She touched my hand
Said: I'm gonna love you, when your dead

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