All The Wailing Souls Songs

Songs In album
A Day Will Come * Kingdom Rise, Kingdom Fall
A Fool Will Fall * Fire House Rock
Act of Affection * Fire House Rock
All Over the World * All Over the World
Back Out * The Best of Wailing Soul
Back Out With It * The Wailing Souls
Back Slider * The Best of Wailing Soul
Bandits Taking Over * Fire House Rock
Bredda Gravalicious Wild Suspense
Busnah * Fire House Rock
Can't Catch Me * The Wailing Souls
Feel the Spirit Wild Suspense
Fire a Mus Mus Tail * The Best of Wailing Soul
Fire Coal Man * The Best of Wailing Soul
Fire House Rock * Fire House Rock
Get Real * All Over the World
Got to Be Cool * The Wailing Souls
Heartbeaats Accelerating * All Over the World
Hot Road * The Wailing Souls
If I Were You * All Over the World
Jah Jah Give Us Life The Best of Wailing Soul
Joy Within Your Heart * The Best of Wailing Soul
Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall * Fire House Rock
Love You Want All Over the World
Mr. Fire Coal Man * The Wailing Souls
Oh What a Feeling * Fire House Rock
Pack Up * The Wailing Souls
Picky Picky Head All Over the World
Real Rock * The Wailing Souls
Row Fisher Man The Wailing Souls
Row Fisherman * Wild Suspense
Run Dem Down * Fire House Rock
Run My People * The Wailing Souls
See Baba Joe * Fire House Rock
Shark Attack All Over the World
She Pleases Me * All Over the World
Slow Coach * Wild Suspense
Something Funny * Wild Suspense
They Never Know * Wild Suspense
Things and Time * The Best of Wailing Soul
Thou Shall Not Steal * The Wailing Souls
Very Well * The Best of Wailing Soul
Walk But Mind You Don't Fall * Wild Suspense
We Got to Be Together * Wild Suspense
Who Lives It * Fire House Rock
Wild Suspense * Wild Suspense
You Ain't Leaving * All Over the World