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The Tuna Helpers - Tuna Stalker lyrics

Knock knock
Come in
Oh look It's the giant tuna fish
Disguised in leopard skin
Oh why did you let her in?
Oh why...
She wants to know
If you received her love letters
And if you'll return
Her yellow seaweed sweaters
Knock knock
Open the door
Oh look it's her again
Flopping around the floor
Oh why did you let her in?
Oh why....
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Because she wants to be your lover
She's the only one who'd have you
She's stinky but she's reliable
You can't argue with that
Then bring her to me
Chicken of my sea
Bring her strange love to me
I am lonely
And I have licked fish before
And I liked it very much
Right now I need a girl to hold
And feel her slimy touch
Come ride the waves with me
We'll dodge the waves of semen
Honk the herrings
And blow the blowfish
With our happy lips

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