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The Tuna Helpers - Blueberry Head lyrics

Blueberry head
Wake up in your bed
Make off with the dreams
That seem to carry you off
Too late in the day
Wake up you kitten
Fasten your cape
Put on your mittens
Perhaps you've forgotten your whiskers
And lost your way
The witches have gone out to breakfast
Eating frogs and snakes and bat-wing cakes
So turn on your spell
Pull up a ghost
Light up a heart
Hurry before they get back and put us away
Now watch how the hearth lights up the caldron
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Spirits rise up
Dancing in bubbles and steam
Before our eyes
The witches return home to their kittens
Drunk and full and unsuspecting
So inside the caldron
Kittens will hide
Witches won't find them
Until fur is fried
And kittens have died
And witches cry goodbye
Goodbye my ghouls
You kittens are fools
Look what you've done
We won't bury your bones
But we'll fasten them tight
To our broomsticks Halloween night

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