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The Simon Sisters - A Pavane For The Nursery lyrics

Now touch the air softly, step gently, one, two
I'll love you 'til roses are robin's-egg blue
I'll love you 'til gravel is eaten for bread
And lemons are orange and lavender's red

Now touch the air softly, swing gently the broom
I'll love you 'til windows are all of a room
And the table is laid and the table is bare
And the ceiling reposes on bottomless air
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I'll love you 'til heaven rips the stars from his coat
And the moon rows away in a gla**-bottomed boat
And Orion steps down like a diver below
And Earth is ablaze and ocean aglow

So touch the air softly and swing the broom high
We will dust the gray mountains and sweep the blue sky
And I'll love you as long as the furrow the plow
As however is ever and ever is now

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