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The SilverBack - CANCER IS HOOT lyrics

We Out In TONIC,SF Raising For A Cure,Son
Cancer Straight Hoot,Son
3pac On The Track,Son
Do It For The People,Son
Straight up,Son

Cancer Is Hoot!(HOOT!)
Cancer,Cancer Is Hoot!(HOOT!)
Donate That Chedda Cuz Cancer Is Hoot!(HOOT!)
3pac In The House Gonna Donate Too!(TOO!)
Raising For A Cure,Son
That's What We Gon Do!(DO!)

Cancer Is Hoot!(HOOT!)Cancer,Cancer Is Hoot!(HOOT!)(4x)
Raising For A Cure,Son
That's What We Gon Do!

[Verse 1]
Cancer Is Straight Wack
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Silverback On The Track
Finna Take It Off The Map
Donate That Chedda Cuz Cancer Giving Hoots!(HOOTS!)
3pac Is The Cure,3pac Beast In The Booth
We Be Straight Raising Cuz Cancer Got A Hang
Donating That Chedda,And I Might Just Cop A Benz
Rich White Man Coming Through With The Hit
I Do It For The People,Yeah,Son
This Is It!
Shoutout To The Bar "TONIC" Out In The SF
There's Hoes In The Party,And They Ain't Gon Regret
This Is Legendary,We Stacking Up The Bread
Kept It For Myself,But I Donated Instead

Straight Up,Son
If U Ain't Donating That Chedda You Giving Hoots,Son
Cancer Straight Hoot,Son
Gotta Take It Off The Map,Son
Straight Up,Son
Do It For The People,Son
Chedda Daddy,Son


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