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Conversations lyrics


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.dialing. i'ma see what this dudes doing right here c'mon man pick up, pick up man Hello? Yeah, is uh Brandon The Rep there? Yeah, you got him. What's up? Ayye it's Daniel homie, what's going on man, how ya been? Awhh Daniel, what's going on man? It's been a minute bro, where ya at? awh man, i'm just driving to work bro, i got some stuff i want to talk to you about. okay man man i don't even know how to say this go ahead just say it If i say something please don't take me the wrong way "alright" But my stomach hurts, i cant eat and i've lost weight "yeah" i got drunk at church took 5 deacons to walk straight, never showed up to work, and she thinks i'm leaving my job late "awh man" but shoot, i won't lie, i've keep abusing my wife, by the way man, dang she thinks your music is tight "thanks man" i'm trynna stay alive, i think i'm losing this fight my sons watching, it feels like im reproducing this twice the other day he asked me, why mama is always crying and why she keep hitting me and screaming she caught me lying "dang" all i keep thinking man is what kinda father i am and, damn i couldn't straight this out if i bought an iron i know you said you got problems just like me "i do " i don't see you trynna sip on these bottles and light weed, the bibles will light you the way from the way you make it sound but i read it and fall asleep, when i wake up its on the ground i feel you, i said ima pray and i will to i admit its hard not to lust when shes real cute oh so you must be saying you know whats its like to cheat? emtying all your pockets so no one can find reciepts ive been married for 9 years, carried and cried tears buried in blind fears stared in the side mirrors like i should just die here my life ain't a storybook, fairies dont fly here i barely can climb stairs was so afriad of the heights too embara**ed to try fear didnt care if if it got weird, if there was a god where? aparrently hes just like my parents, hes not here so where is he? like chasing a carrot that disappeared now where were we? oh yeah, ive never had an afair but a pair of leaves couldnt cover what all my thoughts could bear dang i just figured you had it all figured out hah, shoot i wish i did my castle is just a house so tell me how you made it this far i waited on god and when all of my patience was gone, i waited some more i use to hide my face in the dark cause i hate what i saw but still had all gods promises taped to my door, and then id look up to heaven and say to the lord with tears in my cheeks you said praise you so im raising my arms but inside i feel like i hate you whats taking so long? you just left me surrounded by these angels with horns haha wow, thats exactly how i feel right now they pulled me over just for driving with my taillights out but what hurts worse is, they caught me coming outta church service its like i swear man everytime it works perfect but you say that hes the author and the artist

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