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The Red Paintings - Destroy The Robots lyrics

Gather up our things
Watching useless colours
And hopeing they dont near
Dont give them one last Crier
And now they come
And now they come
Now Im so
Calvery we're falling
Down that door
Calvery we're falling
And now we can't
We went round and back in their tin tin shines right through
See another useless day dream
Remote contorling you
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And now they come
Now I know Calvery We're Falling
The tin That Door
Now i know Calvery We're Falling
And now we can't
Destroy The Robots x6
Me I know
The Robots x11
(ah ah ah)
Their pushing, Their pushing me down
And im not gonna take them ????
Me i know!
Now i know Calvery we're Falling
You're ???? Calvery We're Falling
And now we can't

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