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The Rebel Spell - Pride And Prejudice lyrics

You probably understand the shame of hatred over race so I’d like to point out a couple other things.
You were born in this spot did you deserve what you got? How about any other? Human or not.
And your perspective it must be the best never mind that your mentors built this fuckin’ mess
How about your ability or the way that you talk what makes you so special let’s give it some thought

Why gender? Why species? Why country? Why family? Indoctrination
Why gender? Why species? Why country? Why family? What is it you think you see?

Let’s examine the flag they assigned you at birth, why is it there? How does it work?
If people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones then those in ivory towers probably shouldn’t break bones
How about religion? Artificial division all decked out with dogma and tricks
And finally this thing to round out the list. Does your dick make you better? It sure don’t look like it

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Why these arbitrary lines between you them and me?
Why the pride in privilege not what you’ve achieved?
Why do you think you know better how we all should be?
I can’t see how we’ll ever agree?

Do you believe that some should die starving?
Cause millions of soldiers enforce this doctrine
Look for your power not a messiah
Scream for the eagle and scream for the vulture
What you do is all you are and
you could probably do better than the pain you’re causing
Scream and scream like you’re the one dying
And don’t stop screaming until your heartbeat stops

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