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The Rebel Spell - Not A Prayer lyrics

If I could change so many things I would, you bet
I’d help with my hands, my legs, my brain and hard work
But it’s making me crazy thinking about the tools one shouldn’t use!
The insanity and futility of your approach.

Is there utility in charity? There’s some, I guess.
What about some protest? Might work, a bit
What are your chances of helping anything down on your knees with your eyes closed?

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Not a prayer, not a prayer, not a prayer, not a prayer

There is people working hard in the courts and street
You undermine and trivialize their sweat and tears
You are an insult to and distraction from an already beleaguered voice
We need action and new ideas we need many, many things but

Is there anything thing that won’t help just a bit? Is anything without a point? Yes it’s called a prayer
If crosses and crystals and beads would help by now we’d all be alright
This idea was planted to keep you confused. There are things to give but for f** sakes...

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