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The Rebel Spell - All This Costs lyrics

I try so hard not to get bitten by you but you seem to anticipate my every move
You’re all kinds of tricks and traps and when I turn around you’re right on my back
I talk so tough most of the time but you’ve found so many roads into my mind.
You use the demon of fear, or a new lover’s breath, you come in at every angle, I’ve got no defense left

All this costs – is all you have to pay
All against the other, empathy’s decay

I know what you want better than yourself and when you figure out one angle I’ll show you something else
Innovation is my touted theme and I’m above nothing I’ll co-opt a child’s dreams
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How do you think you can withstand me? I’ll offer anything, pervert everything,
I’ll pit friends against friends, I’ll poison every sense, still look clean
And you know I never sleep

We have one thing you’ll never own
It has been called heart or soul
You can’t reinvent or replace it,
It’s your antithesis and it’s in all of us
It doesn’t need to be guarded cause it’s all around
There’s lots for everyone but it still must be found
The tools to go looking can’t be sold you can’t send miners even though it’s underground

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