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The Potbelleez - Ours To Rock lyrics

This is how/ours you/to rock (you rock/to rock)

This is ours to rock
This is ours to rock
This is the hour to blow your (drum?)
This is ours to rock
Yo, so we're gonna bring it on down
Cos this just ain't about jumping around
This ain't just about the scene and the sound
Cos we're about to be more than you thought that you'd found
So give it to me
A little respect
This is the one that my crew represents
They'll funk to the play never ready to the swing
If ya know what I mean
Play like a team, Work like a machine
Skills are keen and we got the same dream
... worked hard to earn it
When there's something we dont know you learning
Guess you could say we could pick it non-stop
Some other day we'll be the creme of the crop
Now is the hour to get over the top
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Cos this is ours to rock
(To rock, to rock, to rock)
This is ours to rock
Introducing the new competitor
Closing in like some kinda predator
Peace on the board moving up the road
And we're not gonna stop until we pass out
PBC JG he got game
He came and he saw and he faked a claim
So would the man Johnny going behind a tree
He marking our potbelly territory
I-Kid, with his wifes on show
The boys can take out the (Bursary Row?)
Gonna do some damage with the...
Adam with the sugar
Justin with the spice
... makes it so nice
... roll the dice
Chorus x 2
No denial x 8
This is (ours to/how you) rock
Chorus x 2
This is the hour to get over the top
No denial x 4

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