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The Please & Thank Yous - Summer's Over lyrics

Summer's over so i can start losing my dreams
It was over as soon as i sentimentalized everything
It officially ended when i started grinding my teeth
And now that it's over I'm waiting my chance to breathe
All the progress we made
Nothing is better than those early days, early days
When we had nothing to lose and everything to gain
And now that everything's dying I'm going insane
Summers over and I'm sick of singing in rhyme
Summers over and I'm sick of playing in time
And now that its over i gotta move on with my life
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I can't believe that its over i just wanted you to be mine
If there's a chance just give me a sign
I can't help it I'm staying up all night
Thinking about those wrongs that felt so right
You were looking out for yourself but i was in your sight
And i think i got cancer from being in the spotlight
You're seeping into my body and i can't rid myself of you
How easily i keep forgetting if only i was weatherproof
You're seeping into my body and i can't rid myself of you
How easy I'd be forgetting if only i could change the truth
Well f*ck the truth
I just want you to end the cold with your warm hold

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