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The Please & Thank Yous - Speaking Of The Devil lyrics

Lets just get one thing straight
We're all victims of supporting the hate
With pent up aggression we generate
While somehow I'm forcing you to relocate
Please understand that i don't wanna relate
I look at you and fell like I'm to blame
I look at you and feel we all look the same
I'm telling you its a crying shame
And I'm telling you that I'm sick of playing this game
You don't deserve this no ma'am we are to blame
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We are to blame
We are to blame
We are to blame
I am to blame
This is something I'm trying to escape
I'm not down with the idea of being a slave
I wanna tear down the wall that separates
But I'm a victim programmed to be afraid
Don't take it personal
I understand why it's me that you have to hate

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