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The Please & Thank Yous - Holy Hell! lyrics

I heard that hell exists and if i were you I'd take my word for it
Cause i only caught a glimpse but it looked pretty intense
I'm not a satanist but her voice sounded like h**n
And i got lost in it and i was convinced
I'm told that god exists cause she makes me make my muse sick
But i guess she also gave us kurt vonnegut
He's up in heaven now singing every word he knows
And he gets to the point and it goes like this:
Repent! I'm coming home!
And there's nothing you can do to keep me out
I'll remember your face when I'm chained to a god damn burning lake
And I'm stinking like a stone 1,000,000 times a day
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I know where I'm going to hell with the puritans
Cause I'm gonna live my life with conviction
Repent! I'm coming home!
And there's nothing you can do so give me hell
Repent I'm coming home
There's nothing you can do to save yourself
Serpent get off your throne cause I'm dreaming for you now
I fell fast and hard and there was no one even there to wake me up
But i brought my guitar so i can work my way back up
Oh I'm singing this song at the gates of hell tonight
Yeah we're singing along at the gates of hell tonight
At the gates of hell we will wait every night
When you feel it swell you will get your endless night

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