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The Please & Thank Yous - Dear Allie lyrics

I'm sleeping in the hammock now that held us in the summer
The one where we showed each other how to make it last much longer
I woke up with a ruffled head and kept thinking about ya
I woke up you weren't in my bed cause you're my lil chimera
Just the other day i made you a tape
You played it until it made me sick
A thousand times s day filling in the blanks
Just hoping everything's ok
I felt you didn't wanna hear what i originally said here
And i just wanna please your ear become your guilty pleasure
Cause I'm psychic about ya dear
But never thought to tell you
You mess with my head every night and then i fall in love with you
You got the booze and i got the blues
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So lets just throw a party
Cause you've been holding out on you
And i can't ever stop me
You slip through my head every night and leave without a trace
Except when i a**ert my masculinity in place i can't replace
I keep writing you never sending words
You keep on spilling out on paper
Made another tape check your mail today
So i can start forgetting how to remember
Idle f*cking hands i suppose they're not so f*cking good
But you had a field day with them I'm sure
Until we get to spring this is everything
Even if it doesn't have the cure
Even if it's friday and I'm in love with you and you won't see me
The end'll justify the mean

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