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The Please & Thank Yous - Bollywood Ending lyrics

I want the nights that you moved for me
I work the weekends cause you're not free
And i missed the sneak preview and the matinee
And now you act all indie
Cause we made dialogue that sounded like a movie
That ended up not so innocently sobbing and luckily for you
No one was recording so i got up and made some tea
I don't have the sk**s for film-making baby
But you know i just developed the ones for making you crazy
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Besides movies only remind me to just keep on dreaming
Well i dream of a bollywood ending
Where i love your burning heart
I miss it when beams
Let me dance with you the worst you've ever seen
Only cause it's so god damn convincing
You will let me get in on the fiery loving
So what'll it be then baby?
Lets work some red carpentry and then we can thank the academy

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