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The Plasmarifle - Star Light, Star Bright lyrics

Twinkle little star, I wonder what you are...
You've captivated me softly.

Dark pearl strife, cling to one word... fight!
Tonight's the night!

She says "you're an anguished soul, with the heart of a poet!".
Well if that's true, then call me Huckleberry Finn.

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Come hither frost; kiss!
Come comfort blustery wind...

I faked this long before, these words will reach deeper than most lives will ever breathe.
Love graces her face and she says "you've captivated, my worth, my bliss" and I tell her
"This is my gift to you... my gift, to you"

These words that rock your soul baby, it is my gift to you...
They are my heart felt gift to you.

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