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No one could've seen this hell storm coming down the pipes - NO ONE How could be brace ourselves against such fury? -WE STOOD IN FEAR Dumbstruck, we fell in awe under the weight of grief -AND WEPT For all had lost and none had won, the end had finally come? Chaos ran rampant and confusion rendered the air thick. Paralyzed with shock, incapable of uttering a sound, The end was here! People of all Nations , Religions, Races and Tongues, Gather 'Round. These Catastrophies and Calamities were Prophesied, since the earth was young. The signs were all around us Constantly being dismissed and cast away. Now is the season to be tested through the thresing floor. This is the season for weeping for all will taste the bitterness of loss. Woe and destruction shall be thrust for man's insolence indeed has a cost! The ground shook violently and opened up, to accept our "Towers of Babel". Vestiges of our grandiose accomplishments, Were all but swallowed by earth's great chasm. The sky rolled back and turned pitch black, Even the stars disappeared and the air, thick with fear... We truly truly believe, this ideology we conceived, That we, would perpetualluy triumph any exigency. We learned that we weren't gods of this world.. Much too late...

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