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The Phone - The Phone lyrics

(Operator, what number are you
Calling from...area code...I'm
Sorry but that number doesn't answer
Will you please try your number again, again again)

Away in the corner
I always know it's there
If ever I'm lonely
I can call up anywhere

If I got a problem
There's a number
That I can ring
Whenever I'm hungry
It can get me anything

It brings me luck and
It brings me permanent danger
Pick it up and
I hear the voice of a stranger

Who's calling, who's calling
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Who's calling, who's calling

You know you're never there
So don't bother givin' your number
I'll see you anyway
And we'll talk about it
And talk about it and talk

How are you?
I feel fine
Find your number
I've got to try
Some strangers exchange lines
Keeps us talking
Through the night

It brings us luck and
It brings us permanent danger
Pick it up and hear
Your voice or a stranger's
Who's calling

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