All The Parlotones Songs

Songs In album
Baby Be Mine A World Next Door to Yours
Beautiful Radiocontrolledrobot
Bird In Flight A World Next Door to Yours
Brave And Wild Journey Through The Shadows
Brighter Side Of Hell Stardust Galaxies
Colourful RadioControlledRobot International
Come Back As Heroes Stardust Galaxies
Dance Stardust Galaxies
Disappear Without A Trace A World Next Door to Yours
Down By The Lake Journey Through The Shadows
Dragonflies & Astronauts RadioControlledRobot International
Fireworks And Waterfalls Stardust Galaxies
Fly To The Moon Stardust Galaxies
Following You -
Freakshow Journey Through The Shadows
Funny Face RadioControlledRobot International
Giant Mistake A World Next Door to Yours
Goodbyes Journey Through The Shadows
Here Comes A Man RadioControlledRobot International
Honey -
Honey Spiders Journey Through The Shadows
I Am Alive Journey Through The Shadows
I'm Only A Human -
I'm Only Human A World Next Door to Yours
Interlude (The Impossible) Radiocontrolledrobot
It's Only Science Stardust Galaxies
Lazy Sunny Days Stand Like Giants
Life Design Stardust Galaxies
Louder Than Bombs RadioControlledRobot International
Martyr Radiocontrolledrobot
Motivated RadioControlledRobot International
No Place To Hide RadioControlledRobot International
Overexposed RadioControlledRobot International
Perfect Place A World Next Door to Yours
Play On A World Next Door to Yours
Pointing Fingers A World Next Door to Yours
Pretend Radiocontrolledrobot
Push Me To The Floor Stardust Galaxies
Radiocontrolledrobot RadioControlledRobot International
Remember When... Stardust Galaxies
Rock.Paper.Scissors RadioControlledRobot International
Save Your Best Bits Journey Through The Shadows
Scary RadioControlledRobot International
Shake It Up Stand Like Giants
Should We Fight Back Stardust Galaxies
Side Of The Moon A World Next Door to Yours
Silence Radiocontrolledrobot
Sing You To Sleep Journey Through The Shadows
Solar System A World Next Door to Yours
Soul & Body Journey Through The Shadows
Soul And Body Journey Through The Shadows
Stardust Galaxies Stardust Galaxies
Stars Fall Down -
Suitcase For A Home Journey Through The Shadows
Sun Comes Out A World Next Door to Yours
Sweet As A Stolen Kiss Journey Through The Shadows
The Stars Fall Down Stardust Galaxies
Tiny RadioControlledRobot International
We Call This Dancing Stardust Galaxies
We Just Wanna Be Loved Journey Through The Shadows
Welcome To The Weekend Stardust Galaxies
Window Shopper A World Next Door to Yours
Yesterday -