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The North Virus - Kingdom II lyrics

[Intro] (Rowjay speaks)

[Verse 1]

(Yep-Yep, Okay)
Chilling on my throne like where's my meal nigga
(Yep-Yep, Okay)
Won't stop rapping 'til I get 40 mil nigga
(Yep-Yep, Okay)
Told you before, I only rock with the real nigga
(Yep-Yep, Okay)
Lazy mu'fuckas still tryna get a deal
With they fake ass chains, fake ass frames
These niggas ain't even ashamed
They'd rather jack another nigga's fame
Than staying in their lane
Putting work, representing for their gang
Oh, what a shame
Oh, what a shame
This dirty game, got 'em going insane
Selling they soul just to get that quick change
When we all know that theres no such thing
As making it without going through pain
I'm just saying man I am just saying
Keep yo' eyes on that mullah
They say fame don't last forever
When you leave, you can't bring that with ya
Fuck the past, it's all about the future
We all got goals and aspirations
We all want the gold and clear out those missions
No matter where you go they'll always hate ya
No matter what you do they'll always gon' diss ya
Focus on you, and the peeps who's down with ya
Focus on you and stay away from the drama
No matter where you go they'll always hate on ya
No matter what you do they'll always gon' diss ya
Focus on you, and the peeps who's down with ya
Go' ahead and be great, tell em I sent ya

[Interlude] (Rowjay speaks again)
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[Verse 2]

MTL on the motherfucking map nigga
(Yep-Yep Okay)
Been a long time coming, 'bout time we get our shine nigga
(Yep-Yep Okay)
I was dreaming 'bout this, since I was sixteen nigga
(Yep-Yep Okay)
I was bumping this sample when I was seventeen
Now I'm rapping on it, snapping on it
Cause this is the sound of my youth
Bet they can't understand it
Made my own standards
Black Clark Kent just stepped in the booth
My flow is nastier than ebola
Love my chick when she's not bipolar
Don't pop models, I pop 'em collars
You don't pop bottles, you sipping cola
Aaaaaah...i'm still stacking that mullah
Never chasing 'em dames
Sharing the throne with my lova
Laughing at all y'all lames
Old friends tryna' holla
Told 'em stay in ya lane
Cause when a nigga was struggling
Y'all was steady ignoring the mayn, like
(Yep-yep okay)
"Nigga you never gon' make it"
I was like
(Yep-Yep Okay)
"This rap thing my nigga forget it"
And I was like
(Yep-Yep, Okay)
"In 5 years nigga u gon regret it"
And I was like
(Yep-Yep, Okay)
Took a cab, and you were the one driving it

[Outro] (Rowjay speaks)

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