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The Monsters x the Strangers - Big Nut Bust lyrics

Asshole then, a bigger dick now Don't believe me?
b**h look down, l-l-look downTell me how I look now
L-l-look now b**h, look down
Airhead hoes On my kush cloud Thought I was cute then
b**h, how I look now? How I look now? Tell me how I look now
How I look now? b**h, look down

[Verse 1]
Okay she wobbledee, wobbledee
Drah-droppily, droppily
Got her legs in a angle, that sh**
Just look like isosceles
I got 80 carats on because I make
All that broccoli
Got her camera phone pa-pa-pa-pa-pa
Dont you be poppin me
N-Now eay-eay, we hot, we hot
At the bar givin' away more shots
Than G.I., G.I
Your girlfriend is all on my D-I, D-I
You know, you know
B-I, B-I....G


[Verse 2]
These hoes crazy
All their jackets should be straighted
And my n***a sold 'caine
He ain't need no old lady
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Okay, she is from Venus
I bet I make it to Uranus
I mean, I, really dont give a f** about
Your thinkers, okay now woah 'dere hold 'dere
Now, hold up them hoes there is on my whoa, there
Cause I'm luckily gettin' green up and down, left and right, I'm a f**ing clover
I am V12 rippin, you know how I roll there
B-Big tank rollay, horses in my motor
I was A..


[Verse 3]
I walk up in this b**h
Feelin like the f**in' man
I might take yo b**h
And make her f** my mans
I'm who to f**, if you f**in' can
f** this dick ho, f** as you plan
f** f** f**, you can f** your friends
Hold up, I got another "f** you" again
I'm a little off like a touch up
While you gettin' butt f**ed
Jacking off to two girl sh**tin in one cup
I am with two girls, sippin on one cup
VIP and I got one truck, and
I got weed that'll cough yo lungs up
Forklift liftin' my nuts up, because
It's going, to be, a very, big nut bust


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