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The Modern Age Slavery - The Silent Death Of Cain lyrics

He was the pride of my Father
A perfect, obedient, humble son
Neither broken back of tired bones
Nor two arms covered with scars.
But all those days are gone
The golden age of privilege
And what I’ve found in God
Are disrespect and ignorance
Towards my pain
The silent death of Cain
Shivering desires burn inside
A fire, a grief, an old fear

Lord I’ve spilled my brother’s blood
Yet no shame dwells in my heart
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Marked since the day I was born
But no one will pray for the silent death of Cain

“And now art thou cursed from the earth,
Which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand;
A fugitive and a vagabond thou shalt be in the earth.
And Cain said unto the Lord: My punishment is greater than I can bear”

A cursed life, in the deepest things of all
The day I died I was left utterly alone
No one will pray for the death of Cain

I steal the days from misery
With simple faith and real sins
Yet no one will pray for the silent death of Cain

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