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The Modern Age Slavery - Requiem – To My Nation lyrics

[freely translated from Pier Paolo Pasolini poem “Alla mia Nazione”]

Not an Arab people, not a Balkan people, not an ancient people
But a living nation, a European nation:
And what are you? Land of infants, hungry and corrupt
Governors employed by farmers, ponytailed prefects,
Like little lawyers smeared with grease and with dirty feet,
Bastard mongrel liberal carca**es like bigoted uncles,
A barrack, a seminary, a free beach, a whorehouse!
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Millions of petit bourgeoisie like millions of gorging pigs
Imposing themselves under untouched villas,
Amongst peeling farm houses decaying like churches.
Just because you’ve existed, now you don't exist,
Just because you were conscious, you are unconscious.
And only because you are Catholic, you are not able to think
That your evil is all evil: the blame of every evil.
Sink to the bottom of this beautiful sea of yours

Cleanse the world.

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