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The Modern Age Slavery - Opiate For The Masses lyrics

All my slaves - Humble servants
Obey the rules of obscure faith
So many wounds on your lost souls
Large as the eyes of the beast I am
As morning comes, your pain subsides
No place to call your own

Nowhere - No time - No expiation
Devoted to a nameless pain - Endless
Overwhelming hatred all around
Time for no explanations
Cause our life’s a killer
Our rational condition is to obey
Night of resplendent darkness
Lighting ablaze my mortal sun
Dead bones of a soldier long gone
Committed to rot - No pending resurrection
Your death no one will pray

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Lost compassion
You are my servants - My humble slaves
I’m your (destructive) obsession
Opiate of the masses - You are here to serve

Stay devoted to obey - To pay
For I am your judge
It’s your only way of life: eternal submission
Bound and tied - Keep your eyes staring at me
While my eyes are stealing your light

Like scratches on bare walls
Surrounded by regrets
Held in possession - Held your lost souls
I’ll consume all your devotion
Crying black tears while you are waiting

Bleeding fingers are scratching on those naked walls
Endless pounding of fists on bare bricks
And you are all my slaves

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