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The Modern Age Slavery - Descent To Oblivion lyrics

Bow down to the birth of the new man
Through the sunset of a race a new time of glory
All of us - the will to survive
Few of us - the will to move on
No life is too short to be wasted with no signs of honour
An everlasting eye beholds the rise of a golden day
While immortality closes its arms
One and d**hless
Outworn of mankind is the chain to break up in fragments
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A step towards the perfection. A step that justifies despair
One last picture through despair
That is our peace: a given privilege to die
A craven descent to oblivion
But nothing higher than that to rest upon
The only indelible sign to a discerning eye
That beholds the rise of a golden day while immortality closes its arms
Born from the ashes of the divine perished glory
Abolishing d**h in the supremacy of a new man

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