The Meltdown - Better Days lyrics

Let's go drivin' on this highway
Let me wander far and wide
Got my arm out on the window
With my baggage on fire by my side

All I see is this orange color
I see it glowing a burning blaze
I can't recall just why I'm here now
But I still remember better days

Better days
I know they'll come again
And save me from this end
Help me carry on
Better days I can't keep going this way
Somethin's gotta help me stay
With this world

I still don't know what I did wrong

I never asked for this jacket I wear
Words flicker like a flame in the breeze
Their falling to the ground like leaves
Crashing down (i can't escape)
And these miles don't seem to make things fine
Like I'd hoped
This distance would
And I drive like I got no place to be
But only you can set me free
If you only would

Better days
I ain't got a dime to call you
But you wouldn't answer
So what's the point

Better days
I can taste them on my tongue
But it's fading like the setting sun
It'll soon be gone

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