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The Maven Boys - Counting On Ya lyrics

I mean, what up?
I mean

A lot is countin' on ya
Your women sidin' with ya partners, why they plottin' on ya?
We might never understand, no one's there to hold your hand
Even heaven would agree sometimes, how this road gets
Losin' focus
Can't depend on them, why do they depend on me?
They was all I had, I mean what made 'em go pretend on me?
Spirit of the sermon, discernin' moments I see sh**
Can't look me in the eyes then it's somethin' you don't agree with

[Verse 1]
Perhaps I'm too quick off the draw from how I deal with altercations
From where gangsters only talk c**aine, it ain't no other language
Awkward interviews, discussin' my inner views, on life itself
Figure me pretentious, evading mischief by writing hymns
Labels shown interest, no showers are showin' interest
Both old ladies show resentment, resented my show of interest
Moved out from my momma detached garage and a small apartment
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Shut the door or shut the f** up, we fussin', we always argue
It s**s we always arguin', but she started it
Pause, believe I grew up on the farm with no understandin'
Kevin's stupid, tell him anything, he won't understand it
Stupid a** Kevin, anything, he won't understand it


[Verse 2]
Stolen cars, open charges, matchin' blunts blowin' each other charges
Summer '08 me and Menace in a Daytona Charger
Club exquisite, n***a know the business, pull up in the front
Ain't no VIP, got Nook in front me pockets got the mumps
Money come in clumps, what I clutch might knock out your lung
Keep that on the tuck, it go *ck* if you *uh*
Got two people livin' in me, one a realest, one a k**er
Luca Brasi, he a sinner, Kevin tryna be a Christian
Seems life is less fulfilling when livin' is unattended
Performin' rituals to whichever God that'll listen
Had a lot of prayers answered, ain't had to sit in no buildin'
Run your flap, get your bap for a package, I'm in the buildin'


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