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The ILLZ - This is​.​.​. lyrics


Dream on
Anybody that's wishing that I could finish
Knowing that what I plan is impossible to diminish
Not knowing the way I'm living
Attention I never give them
Laugh at em
Plan on achieving all that they can't fathom
Me throw in the towel can you imagine that?
If you throw in a day you never have it back
Nah fam
No one can tell the future like I can
I'm way too motivated to just chill out and by-stand
The feeling that I get when I'm infront of the micstand
It's like the game is finally falling into the right hands
It's cla**ic
Momentous and very legendary
Everything else in my life becomes my secondary
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I want in the game cause I deserve it
Give you an understanding of the man behind verses
Give up what you're doing and let your d**h come
This is step 1


I can't help you!
Recover after all of your plans fell through
You blame me cause I guess nobody done felt you
But now its on now
So now what's gone happen
Now whats gone happen
Now whats gone happen
What I tell you?
Maybe you were just too blind to see
Blind to see me

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