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The ILLZ - The Moment You Feel Definite Hope lyrics

First they said that I couldn't
Now I tell em I can
Learning to bite the bullet
Learning to bite the hand
Living life to the fullest
Try to follow the plan
First they said that I couldn't
Now they wish that I wouldn't
Be on the level that recently I have reached
Be able to paint a picture
The rhetoric that I speak
Over the heads of weaklings
Nothing that they could reach
Something that you are born with
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Nothing that they could teach
I swear this motivation is something unprecedented
Absence of higher learning restricts you from comprehension
I'm feeling like a descendant
Of a prophet, listen forget a king
I really don't feel a thing
I'm hearing the angels sing
They tell me that the truth is always back at the essence
Of finding where you begin
I wonder what time will bring
I wonder what the future is
And will I reach the day when my music is...


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