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The ILLZ - A New Day lyrics

Wake up, open my eyes
Sunlight through my blinds
In hell push up and rise
It's a New Day

[Verse 1]
I spend most of my life just trying to find the real me
Trying to see who I am, for I'm back I don't think I can
I'm trying see me through the eyes of close fam rough talk trying be that man
So I plan walk the world go with the wind let it all on fur
Cause' anytime in a place not being a real me no tell me how far fell is OK
I ain't gon' let em' stop me no way
I ain't going try escape like OG
I really I spend every day trying all little more but they'll just hosey
The far another merry pacing is stranger that I'm facing
Cause' really what I'm trying to chase is a little selfrealisation


[Verse 2]
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I spend most of my life just trying to find the right one
A woman that understands exactly who I am
One that doesn't care if I only make a couple grand and I'm riding in a Trans Am
So I plan walk the world search for em' wide for a perfect girl
I need someone that be there by my side when things ain't going too well - that's real
Somebody s**y and chill, that I can tell how I feel
The girl that smart and independepent, and still gogogogogogo mad
And no one night stayings I'm looking for a pretty girl that I could stay with
Simple'o Rozay for "ain't it'll be OK"
Hey [x8]


I don't want excuses, I don't want your smiles
I don't want to feel like we're apart a thousand miles
I don't want your attitude, I don't want your things
I don't want a phone it never rings
I want your love
And I want it now
I want your love
And I want it now

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