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The Healer - Double-0-Batman lyrics

[Verse 1: CRYM]
Feeling like 00Batman
Pulling on a fat j getting a lap dance
Hoes do the cancan
Imma kick it like Jean Claude Van Damme
I can't stand em they hate me
Unwettable I got rabies
I'm a 312 baby but 847 raised me
So we can clap like paddy cake
I'll make that a** shake like a rattlesnake
It's been a minute since your battle days
So warm up, hit the batting cage
I got heat to spare, the beef is rare
Served bloody when you meet despair
I'm hopeless, need a throne with a voltage
The hot seat might beat the chair
I take a breath of the freezing air
Crack a window, let some of that breeze in here
Im free of care, ariverder-
Ci see you when we need to, no redo's
Are we through? I got teens to atteend to
Heard they love me I'm like me too
If you need a lesson I can teach you
First I gotta reach you, weave through traffic your act need a reboot
You ain't willing to learn how C do?
Then just wave like the sea do
We cool, don't sweat it, you might regret it
At least now you ain't indebted, forget it
Every eminem is caught up in the epidemic
Where the raps are uninspired and the wardrobe is rented
Whereas every time I went in I was adamant to get it
So I pack a little venom like an animal defending
These instrumentals are medicine for diseased bars
You ain't looking too familiar, I'm CR
YM I having trouble recognizing
I don't think I've ever seen you in these parts
They ain't big enough for both of us big cats
Getcha whip crashed brace for the whiplash
We are mismatched, call up your dispatch
They know the name, I get off with a wrist slap
You the type to get off to a diss track
Kiss my a**, I'm fresh as a tic tac
I can take a Black and Decker microwave and
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Throw it out a window directly above your SHITTY-ASS BUICK
Then I look your b**h up in the yellow pages
'Cause I'm old fashioned to find out she was equally PRETTY AND STUPID
Now I'm at the point of vantage that happens upon a man when he's got nothing to his name but a DESTRUCTIVE BASSLINE
Not to mention unf**withability in spades rep windy city all day so the BLUSTERED HATE CRYM
But that's not all, more tricks in my sleeves
Than a pimp's rolodex t-rex modern breed
I'm the don, draper, paper chaser
Pearly gate defacer, balling like a pacer
Never been a rager, I'm major
Ever since a minor the case that they gave me
Erased by behavior, jaded from labor
Alison Brie in a blazer my favorite flavor
And it's my fault you salty as a caper?
Fader walkie talkies no safe word
We can get close like electric razors
Rouges for the pay dirt, lost ark raiders
Look at everything I been doing and tell me I ain't sh**
Sleeping I ain't even seen the inside of my eyelids
Acting like you always on the rag like Linus
A one way ticket to getting served by my highness

b**h call me double o batman
And watch the backhand

[Verse 2: C-sar]
I'm feeling like Dexter Hefner
k**ing this clunge all bereft of effort
The head collector, straight out of a spaghetti western, C-sar be the set director
On epinephrine, suicide be my best suggestion
After my direct a**essment
I gave your girl a breast inspection
In no time flat her legs was spreading
We made a in bed connection
Don't usually follow up but she an exception
Bet you'd do anything for a second impression
Bet you regret when you ridiculed my complexion
Hold up, I'm shooting a segment
b**h, you ain't equipped for use of a weapon
You gotta steady your aim, tighten the crosshairs
Drones in your sight when there should be a boss there
Doper than a bowie knife a torch and a brick
I'm too fortunate to forfeit so I'm scoring at six

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