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The Hacienda - Veronica lyrics

Veronica, I don't care
The way that you comb your hair
It's on, and still to me
Yeah no oh
But the way that you love your man
It's easy to understand
That you and I can't happen
No one can

Isn't everybody gone
I don't believe they coming back
'Til the morn'
And I know the reason why

But what about the plans we made
If I was bad
Oh I've been mistreating her soul
Oh I do you wrong
I say baby now don't
But don't you leave all alone
No, Veronica
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Come on home

I thought that I want your love
It was easy just to give you up
They don't know how
Like me, yeah, no, no
Veronica I can't find
The feelings you left behind
Girl I just gotta watch you
All of the time

Never need to turn around
And soon enough they'll
Be heaped in the ground
And I swear you seen the wave

[Chorus x2]
Come on home
Come on home
Don't you leave all alone
Oh, Veronica
Come on home

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