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The Frames - Don't Stay Here lyrics

Turn away, run
Do not stay here

Your whispers hit me,
unseen, a dark sun

Darkness now I do not fear
The cool night air bites me, shears

I embrace willingly, the numb
But my mind is rampant, soul none

Run, do not stay here

The chimes they betray us
Hold fast, come the gust

I am your past, I know
Your future, there, another

Run, you must
Do not stay here...

The winds shatter the water gla**
Drops fall down, but it rains not

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The voice I yearn for threads my conscious
Sewing together a fate not obvious

Is it not enough to say we've tried?
How much will it cost to give more and survive?

The light of your shadow pierces my steady gaze
Through the smoke, I cough, a deep haze

Run, do not stay here

Run, your presence incites in me fear

Fear of senescence,
Any other punishment is of a lesser sentence

Run, do not stay here...

I loved you, and perhaps I continue to

But that has pa**ed, or I think it so...



Stay here.

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