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The Flavr Blue - Pretty Girl lyrics

[Intro: YMTK]
And you already know
Yeah you already
At least you think you do

[Hook: YMTK]
Pretty girl, pretty girl running down the runway
Down the runway, you are
Too involved to be in my vision but I see you
And it's all the same
If you want it, I'ma give you that
Sippin' Rossi out the bottle in the moonlight
If you roll it, I'ma hit it twice
Gettin' lifted like the District of the red light

[Verse 1: YMTK]
Girl you Ronda Rousey, knock a weak bitch out
Let's stay together, Hennessy with the Al Green rolled
I got her waiting for me, every minute gold
Time is money and we spend it with the lights outs
Should of never showed you what that life bout

[Pre-Hook: YMTK]
Who you rock? Who you rock?
Who you rock with, me but
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Now you not, now you not
Now you not with me
And you already know
Yeah you already
And you already know
Yeah you already
At least you think you do

[Hook: YMTK]

[Verse 2: YMTK]
It's no matter what you say (what you say?)
All your people know you fucking with a real one (I'm the realest)
Heard it all around the town (what they talkin' bout?)
Ain't nobody really fucking with a trill one (woo-woo)
All these niggas wanna know (they outta know it)
Why you lookin' when you staring at a real one
I just kick it with my bros (with my niggas)
And we be puffin' on that upgrade (woo-woo)
Hit your nigga with that upgrade (woo-woo)
Heard about but you really had to see it (had to see it)
Like it's N-N-North Carolina, baby blue when she color around me (Michael Jordan nigga)

[Pre-Hook: YMTK]

[Hook: YMTK](2x)

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