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The Eden Project - Chasing Ghosts lyrics

I just want you
I just want you
The words I never said
But wanted to

I'm losing you
I'm losing you
But these thoughts won't let you go
They keep running back to you

(Chasing ghosts) (4x)
I just want you (Chasing ghosts) (3x)
(Chasing chasing)

And I'm bleeding words
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They escape me, the recoil, it hurts
And I can't look the other way
I'm chasing starlight to find it's died away

Breathe it in
It's just snow
We're just falling
And we won't always free fall
Back to nothing
Cos I'm just starting to learn
I've always been chasing ghosts

I just want you (6x)
(Chasing ghosts) (7x)
(Chasing chasing)

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