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The East Side Girlz - We Still Crunk!! lyrics

1st man: (muffled speach ???)
2nd man: eh dog, Lil Jon man, them niggas is so whack man, those some one hit wonders, man them niggas sorry as hell
3rd man: them niggas whack as hell
1st man: (don't know)
2nd man: when i played them my baby mama left me dog, and the club closed down
1st man: [?]
3rd man: [?]

["Motherfuck you" grows louder in background at this point while men keep dissin' Lil Jon]

[Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz]
Motherfuck you! x 15

[Lil Jon]
That's right motherfuckers (yeah!)
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Lil Jon and them East Side Boyz (uh uh)
Back in this bitch one more 'gain (one more 'gain)
Some of y'all hatin' ass motherfuckers
Didn't want us to do this shit one more time
But here we go motherfuckers (Here we go, bitch!)
With a gang of motherfuckin' niggas with us this time
BME Click! [?] than a motherfucker (yeah!)
Its goin' down (yeah!)
All y'all hatin' motherfuckers, suck my dick (suck it)
All y'all hatin' ass bitches, eat my asshole out (aaah)
And everybody else
If you down with the click (say what?)
You down with us (say what?)
Pump this shit up in your motherfuckin' stereo, biatch!

Oh, oh yeah, we still crunk!!

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