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The Earthquake Institute - Super B-Boy Pimpin' lyrics

(The Earthquake Institute in background)
[Female] What's up, party people
I'm chillin' with The Earthquake Institute, live
[Spitball] What's up, girl
[Female] All our listeners wanna know one thing
How you livin' (Super B-boy pimpin')

(Verse 1)
It's a lifestyle, wild style life, I'm a night owl
Baldheaded B-boy, futuristic mack
With too many tracks, I've done too many hoochies
I'm trippin'
Like puttin' thugs on hoopty's
I think I'm in the movie, everytime I wake up
Wake and bake, chop a break up, to make it sound
Like it should
It's all good in my studio
Do a cut, call some sluts, that how I'm livin'

[Simon Sez]
If you're a broad with a hot bod, slop my knob
Work my hot rod til I blow my wad
Ain't got no job, I'm lost in the ark
Finding new sounds, rippin' them apart
Swim with the sharks, spark the weed up
I'm a cheetah when I speed up, ducks can't keep up
Live life full throttle, drive with beer goggles
I'm the devil in the bottle, pimpin' lingerie models

Chorus: The Earthquake Institute
Pimpin', rappin'
Hustlin', smashin'
Smokin', dippin'
Super B-boy pimpin'
Pimpin', mackin'
Trippin', livin'
Smokin', dippin'
Super B-boy pimpin'

[Verse 2: Simon Sez]
As a kid, I got busi' with my babysitter
Now I'm lickin' off your girlfriend's body glitter
Super pimps, super mack daddy
Sexin' freaks on the hood of my caddy
Best believe, sleeze makes up my steez
I spit dirty raps and hood raps for cheese
Cock back, shoot the breeze off my lungs
On the one, each breath weighs a ton
I'm cocky, sloppy, drunk on sake
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I play tonsil hockey with your mommy, she wants me
That's word
My life's a blur
I'm a perv, when I mack two birds, I'm slurpin' on
Ski reserve, it rattles my nerves
Swerve, I can barely stand, yo
Drugs or (???), Simon Sez is my handle
West coast commando on the funky piano

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Spitball]
We're the super B-boy pimps
Walk with cool limps
Hollywood shufflin', doin' the hustle
Hustlin' busters lived in a puzzle
Where the freaks wanna connect, like stretch belt buckles
Makes speakers rumble
Comin' from the Ox, man
I stroll with a tall can, a dog and a walkman
Fast talkin' though for pimp style loops
Rockin' all white Pumas and pimp like soups
What up to my troops, my B-boy soldiers
And the culture that was sober
I love California
Where the rides roll slow, we smoke, sticky douja
And I hold the weight hotter than June in Arizona
Call me Casanova, I slide like a cobra
Then strike at shows, went by throwing at my soda
Close to frozen, ain't nobody colder
Super B-boy pimpin' til the world is over

Repeat Chorus

[Simon Sez] Earthquake
[Spitball] Earthquake
[Simon Sez] West coast
[Spitball] Pimpin'
[Simon Sez] Simon Sez
[Spitball] Spitball

[Earthquake Institute]
Super B-boy pimpin'
"Super pimps, su-super mack daddy" --] Simon Sez
"Super B-boy pimps"
"Pimpin' the" --] Spitball
"Super mack daddy" --] Simon Sez
Super B-boy pimpin'

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