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The Earthquake Institute - Take A Hit lyrics

(Lady Black Banshee)
Greetings children
This is Mother Nature
Here to warn you of the devious, evil plot
To destroy and k** my most precious gift
Cannabis Sativa

Pa** that Jay and take a toke blowing your
Dough on coke will leave you broke smoking that
Meth will leave your a** sprung smoking
Cigarettes puts cancer in your lungs drinking
Alcohol will make you crash your whip It'll make your liver
Harder than a mutherf**in' brick they advertise
Pills on my TV set all of them got about
Twenty side effects here take this little one to
Fix your cough 20 years later your
Dick falls off, they even got
Pills that'll make you hard When you f** you
Feel kind of like a Greek God oh my God
45 and you think you a mac ten years
Later, a heart attack It's legalized
Poison over the counter they even shoot
Chemicals in Quarter Pounders so why you want to
Demonize ganja? It's all about love
Plus nobody never ever died from bud
Get your facts straight legalize tax it
Cali needs bank like the DA needs his a** kicked

(Simon Styles / Spitball)
If you're stuck in traffic, Take a hit
Mr. Governator, Take a hit
If you just quit your job, Take a hit
A yo DEA, Take a hit

(Simon Styles)
The powers that be want cannabis illegal It's just another
Way to keep power from the people
Money hungry evil corrupt politicians
Push prohibition to fill private prisons
All I do is smoke mad izm
If the Feds catch me slippin', I'll be caught up in the system
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Paying fines, doing time for medicinal
Use of my plants sticky dank is criminal
Cuz they say so? Who's they? Its Big Bro
Watching every move you make man the pigs know
How it goes down cuz they soldiers
Fighting a war against doja
Fighting a war against democracy you see
The war on d** is pure hypocrisy
Bankrolled by pharmaceutical giants
Who push their own poison with lies and pseudoscience
On prime time TV, adds on your PC
I can't get a job I flunk my piss test weekly
LA County to DC
They're rewriting laws trying to k** my girl
Mary Jane, a Schedule 1 controlled substance?
The CIA smuggles coke through customs
Undetected Pot farmers get arrested
Crime cartels are backed by government investments
In alcohol, tobacco, antidepressants
Sexual stimulants, Ritalin deceptive
Propaganda demonizes Prop 215
The sheeple line up for deadly flu vaccines
Wake up take a hit yo I have a dream
Legalize weed let's all make cream
Till then I'll keep toking, smoking that green
Give thanks to Mother Nature, all hail the queen

(Simon Styles/Spitball)
If you got bad credit, Take a hit
LAPD, Take a hit
If you can't fall asleep, Take a hit
Washington DC, Take a hit
FBI, Take a hit
If you love marijuana, Take a hit
You got baby mama drama, Take a hit
President Obama, Take a hit

(Lady Black Banshee)
We must all stand together, to fight big brother's murderous crusade
Against my magic herbal medicine!

Open your eyes and realize
It's time to legalize!

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