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The Dwellas - Leakage lyrics

[ Hook: Dwellas ]
Dwellas rep real hip-hop music
This time you won't refuse it
In the clubs wild out and lose it
UG and Phan about to bring you the new shit
Right now
Dwellas rep real hip-hop music
This time you won't refuse it
In the clubs wild out and lose it
Stop frontin on Phan and U.G
Right now

[ Phantasm ]
Straight out the gate, never hesitate
Blast off trey-eight
Leave you in a coma state
Only I control my fate
Me and son can only wait
Kick back, meditate
Buy the album, don't debate
Hope my people can relate
Switch flows on every 8th
Dick hoes in every state
Deejays need our songs in crates
Finally my ones is great
Too late for who's great
Need food on my plate
Y'all ate, so why hate?
Never try to violate

[ U.G. ]
Gon' punish, paralyze your posture
Pop ya, you're no longer popular
?????????????? binacular
Topple ya like C4, steez is raw
Genetically ill, appeal to the retina
The Winchester makes it hard for the brain to register
Life signs ???? blow your mind, you're crazy
Facin me, I stomp like Doug Lazy
I hold a 80 from here to Haitii, ladies praise me

[ Phantasm ]
Every day we pray and thank God that he got us in
Sorry that we gotta sin
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Motto is: we gotta win
Dwellas, yeah, we hot again
Make a whole lotta ends
Cash big checks and sex, a whole lotta skins
And you can come too, boo, hope you got a friend
It's room 110 at the Ramada Inn
We real players who ain't gotta spend
Just bring a lotta gin
Hope y'all crab niggas still followin

[ U.G. ]
Now what you think this is, ain't nothin innocent here
Focus, attack and chop drums like Premier
Wave the gun in the air, you runnin in fear
Punish who dare stare, you don't wanna go there
Trust me, flow's rusty, fuckin yo hussy
She wanna touch me, told her I was cousins with Puffy
Gased her, hold up, blast her with two hands, you're losin your fans
You fuck around and get two in a glance

[ Hook ]

[ Phantasm ]
Aiyo, 4 years passed and we still got the hot shit
Every time I spit it's liquid toxic
Every show rock shit, love to get my cock licked
Now every interview I do, gon' pop shit
Can't get to the Glock, then you get oxed quick
Run off at the mouth, wind up in a box, kid
Rap criminal, you can still get your lock split
Dwellas soon come, switch labels like the Lox did

[ U.G. ]
Blasting, blast the fifth, facelift niggas
Headcase, sprayin the mace all in your kisser
It's takin place, I'm holdin a 8th takin a picture
I'm on a date, 8th day straight fuckin your sister
You paperweight, bring her this way, son, I'ma diss her
You know the flav, raidin airwaves and transistors
With no delay I hold you at bay, the brain twister
My nigga Ted aimin the lead, boot up, nigga

[ Hook ]

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