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Sickening, allure, straight to the core Silver tongued sullen wench, your a fallacy, this isn't coincidence, and its always gonna be like this, do i mean to you what you mean to me or am, i living a f**ing fantasy, crush me between your thighs and leave me to die Enticing visage, soaking in all you're splendor, i want to be inside of you Im enamored Im Im enthralled my hearts pounding Its all i hear i must obey your call Slithering tongue snaking around The curve of my c**k swallow it down Flesh after flesh, she f**s the best, her carnivorous s**drive will be your unrest Loathe in her lust, f** all the rest, chocking on satisfaction till you get one gasp, the call of the siren it will, not be ignored

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