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The Chainsmokers - Closer (Wiz Khalifa Remix) lyrics

[Post-Chorus: Andrew Taggart & Halsey]
We ain't ever getting older

[Verse: Wiz Khalifa]
Khalifa man, I'm fresh off of the plane
Been smoking [?] got my own string
Roll up the [?] and take it to the brain
Say you can't hide, but now you speaking my own language
Left with me as soon as we came
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Spoke some bullsh**, she'll never do it again
Try anything, she'll never do it again
f** Khalifa man, 'cos you'll never do it again

[Pre-Chorus: Wiz Khalifa]
I know it breaks your heart, that I only smoke papers, I don't smoke darts babe
I'm at an old school bar taking drinks to the face, so we both go far
And I-I-I can't stop
Let's get high we can't stop

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