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The Cancel - Travellin' Through Time lyrics

[Produced by The Cancel]

[Verse 1: Baro]
Get your mind right
Rolling up a cigarette
Eyes up on a high flight
Mines mixed Cyanide
I am right
On every finer night
Or a brighter day
I can say
I stay smoking till my eyes are grey
I cut the weed with a Vikings blade
I bust the seeds in a titans face
How do my kids taste
And meanwhile you been checkin all this new shit
Like “baro your raps are tight but they really don't do shit”
Well fuck that
Still stupid as when I was a rugrat
Now the only thing is I cough crack
Spittin all these rocks the stones flat
That's just a fun fact
For you fat faggot amateurs
Skiddadle just
Run to the woods with your mother fuckin allergies
Thorns on a bush and that'll open up bag of bees
And my nuts that'll clog up your throat
I'm not up these notes
Got the product a hoax
[Hook: Baro]
Travelling through time feeling average
Future holds the past get your ass up in a salad dish
Start eating
And quit fuckin beefin
The only thing that's needed
The future comes with freedom

[Verse 2: Baro]
I need some future from some bad toast
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An asshole
With mad flow
It's baro
Posted where the grass grows
A couple castles
Prolly a pink jet
Where I could light my cigarettes
And a simple rest
Up in the cockpit
Drunk and cathartic
Punk gotten star sick
He strums with guitar picks
Held up in hostage
With a bitch but it's all bliss
Searching for the ventis but I left them in the office
But for now I'm just chilling in the bungalow
Mum is so
Stressed where her mother fuckin son will go
Charlie on the phone like
"What the fuck you doing man?"
Chopping up these bones feeling loopy like toucan sam
Two can dance
With some jazz and a smooth accent
What kinda proof that send
Like you gotta pay more to get a couple
Or the less they love you
Should invest in double
Cause the guests can subdue
All your dreams and your silly fuckin fantasys
Let em shorten things from whatever you can plan to be
I need a jet
I need a fuckin race car
I need a lil money so I can cop a couple race cards
Till I can face broads
Head high as everest
Talk with my parents knowing they will never stress
Then ill never be depressed


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