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The Cancel - Keep Me In Mind lyrics

[Verse 1:Manny Mackens]
Loneliness gots me nauseas
Only kid alone in the darkness
I vomit

All of whats life gots to offer
Im awkward,People hate the man and the monster
Confused if this is karma or not
I did wrong but,look at all the good I have brought them
I used to bring the sparks up

When they were down I used to bring their hearts up
Then I have found a family then I lost em
Chicago brings the drama
People are dying and cousins getting locked up
And in school,its like I'm the impostor

Don't care for what their rockin'
So its like I'm improper
Can't see myself in college
I just don't see the profit
Don't understand the logic
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I wasn't born a scholar

Mama says the opposite, but why bother
So she only wants me to have fake knowledge for her astonishment

[Beat Lowers and slows]

Im demolishin'the populous
Abolishing the monuments
Stay cognizant,I'm monstrous

My emotions kept in a bottle
Where I have to put my cock in it
Don't bother it
I have to shut it the f** up!
Monster will come when I conjure them
You don't want them hootin' and hollerin'
If theres lightness in the dark
Would you follow it I would cuz'
Theres more knowledge in it then all the colleges you go to

But its just....

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